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About Kelsey Elite

Kelsey Elite Services was founded by Colby Kelsey. Colby grew up in Katy Texas and met his wife who also grew up in Katy as well. They both are blessed to have a baby boy and have him grow up in Katy. We all take pride in everything we do and love helping people protect their number one investment / get what you deserve from your Insurance Company. You can always rely and count on us to always be there for you, whenever you need us.


We are a family owned & operated business that serves the local community with decades of roofing experience and Insurance Restoration. Colby worked for one of the top 10 Roofing Companies in the nation for a few years and helped set up a new location in Oklahoma but mainly was in Katy and surrounding areas. After that he worked for a couple smaller roofing companies. Even though he never wanted to be in sales, he enjoyed helping people. His word / Reputation is everything to him so he knew it would be best to start his own company. If you're looking for a Roofing Company with integrity that will guide you through the whole process look no further.  

When you have a question or concern or don't understand something, we want you to ask as many times until you do understand. We also don't believe in putting pressure on potential clients to go with us or making Insurance Claims when it's not needed. 

We like to do a few things different from most Roofing Companies we don't believe in using a Contingency Agreement before you have to file a claim with us. This is how most roofing companies make you feel like you have no other choice besides them. In reality you still can use someone else, just ask us how. Another thing a lot of companies do is try to put a potential client in stress and make you feel an urgency when you don't have enough damage. 

If a Roofing Contractor is dealing with your Insurance Company, we do need permission to speak with your Insurance Company from the policy holder. So, it's okay if a Roofing Company asks you to sign an "AOCs" Assignment of Claims which lets the Insurance Company know you allow them to speak on your behalf or just communicate with the Insurance Company.

Everyone has a different kind of Insurance policy so anyone trying to say something about your policy without knowing what kind of policy is clearly lying there are some things that most Insurance Companies might do or follow but they can't tell you you're running out of time to file a claim. Some policies you only have 1 year from the Date of Loss, some you can go back 5 years or a couple of years. Ideally, it's easier to get a roof bought through Insurance shortly after a storm. So, if anyone pressures you into signing a contract or something in your policy changes due to the age of your roof. Leave us a message and we can show you how we save our clients thousands of dollars.

Excellence and Professionalism 

At Kelsey Elite Services we always keep our client's 1st. We strive to build relationships with all of our clients. We don't believe in baiting and hooking clients, we are Upfront and Honest. If we don't think you have enough damage, we will let you know before we file a claim if you would like to proceed.

That's part of the reason we get 95% of our roofs bought through Insurance on First Inspection. Sometimes we need to have another Adjuster to Inspect Property. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to hire a Public Adjuster / Attorney to get what you deserve. Since Colby Has been in the industry, he's always specialized in helping clients that have been denied multiple times with or without a previous contractor. Sometimes days after another company has denied. Save yourself some time and headache and call Kelsey Elite Services.


Cutting corners is not part of our business. We use high quality materials with the best workmanship. We don't go to your local hardware store to buy builder grade material or find labor there. CertainTeed only sells to Roofing Suppliers. Almost all roofing companies don't use the proper ridge cap, instead they cut a 3-Tab Shingle to fit around the ridge cap. We use a Pre-cut ridge cap, most of the time its 2 layers of ridge cap. Whether it's just a Roof Inspection, Roof Repair, Roof Maintenance or Roof Replacement. Leave us a message and we will get back to you ASAP!

Insured and Guaranteed
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